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Appointments are NOT REQUIRED to shop at Jan's! Jan's ONLY accepts appointments when we open our doors, if you can not make it to Jan's at opening then walk in at your convenience!

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Jan's ONLY books a limited amount of appointments FIRST thing in the morning only, we do not accept appointments any other time of the day! Appointments are available Monday thru Saturday at 10:00 am and Sundays at 11:00 am. If you can't see us at this time then walk-in at your convenience, first come first served but please note if you visit us on Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 12pm and close you may have to wait as long as 30 to minutes to try on dresses! (weekends get a little crazy).

If you hate to wait, then make an appointment! Jan's is not a bridal store, we do not sell Bridesmaids dresses or traditional Bridal dresses. If you are in search of a Bridesmaids dress or a traditional Bridal dress then we unfortunately can not service you. Jan's does offer non-traditional destination type bridal dresses for informal and 2nd/3rd time brides

Due to limited dressing rooms Jan's can not accommodate or take an appointment for a party larger than 2 guests (friends/family members) to try on dresses at one time.

Jan's specializes in dresses for Mothers, Daughters, Tweens, Children, Guests and Grandmothers. Print the pics of the dresses or save them to your smart phone showing the style number which you are interested in trying on, please do not bring a list of style numbers.

If you wish to see how each dress will look best on you then we suggest you bring your own shoes and or undergarment to try on dresses.

If you have any questions then please contact us during store hours at 856-428-8181. Thank You!

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